Friday, June 17, 2011

Appointment update!

Today's appointment went very well! I'll just make a list of points.

  1. Weight: I gained THREE pounds this month! FINALLY! So no diet lectures for me this time around. They'd like me to gain 1lb a week from here on out but not to necessarily focus on that number if that makes sense. Which leads to the next point...
  2. Because of my PCOS after women (PCOS women especially) cross the halfway point of pregnancy weight can "fly" on... so doc wants to make sure I'm avoiding sodas and juices (unless it is gatorade) which is easily done for me because I'm not much of a soda or juice drinker. I drink water and my almond milk.
  3. My belly is measuring PERFECTLY. I'm measuring right where I need to be and the doctor thinks I'm carrying very nicely.
  4. Breast feeding is something I'd like to do and because I'm already "leaking" we are taking that as a good sign. I'm truly excited because I REALLY want to be able to breast feed but in the end what matters is a happy and healthy baby.
  5. Speaking of baby.... this child is hyper. The heartbeat was 162 this afternoon and the nurse was having a heck of a time keeping the monitor on the baby because once she had the heartbeat he/she would move and I would laugh from the tickling sensation.
  6. Because he/she was moving so much from left to right the nurse said not to be surprised if they end up giving me an internal for our gender appointment on the 30th. I said, "Is this a polite way of telling me I might get an internal because I'm plus sized?" She laughed and said, "Oh honey, you're not plus sized ... trust me." I guess they've had a lot of bigger women as patients.
  7. Calcium - I was concerned about calcium and if I should be on a supplement because I seriously can't handle milk. The doc thinks with my diet as it is in combination with my prenatal and my almond milk that I'm doing just fine.
  8. RH NEGATIVE - I am RH negative so it's time for shots once we get to 28 weeks. Hubby doesn't need to be tested at all - they will test the baby immediately after I give birth using blood from the umbilical cord.
  9. Exercise - I was curious if I could play WII because of all of the jumping and twisting and I CAN add that to my exercise on games that don't require much twisting action. So Wii bowling, Wii tennis and Wii basketball are A-ok. Wii boxing, not so much.
Overall, I'm very pleased with how today went.

I can't help but think of where we have BEEN and where are ARE now and I'm feeling incredibly blessed.

A lot of friends have asked us about having another baby (already!?!?!) and I really can't even get my head around that - we're so focused on this wonderful miracle that we focus on the here and now only. God has blessed us tremendously - no need to get greedy. :)

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