Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Patsy played Adele! :)

Patsy emailed me a few minutes ago to see if I was listening so she could share my story about the baby bouncing around and going bonkers when she plays ADELE.

If you don't remember... see this post.

Well, don't you know as soon as the music started - baby G started going nuts in there!

I'll tell ya what... I will NEVER tire of that feeling. It doesn't get old for me at all. I've been through hell and back with infertility and heartache and feeling the movements really makes me count my blessings and praise God for this miracle.

Patsy also plugged this blog so who knows! Maybe I will meet new women going through infertility or women just like me who are presently pregnant after years of heartache.

It's amazing how many lives can be touched for the POSITIVE through social networking.

So to Patsy, thanks for being so wonderful. I love being able to listen in. And thanks for waking the baby up. I love when they go bonkers in there. :)

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