Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fruit Frenzy

When I was growing up in Philly, there was an older man named Jack who had a fruit truck.

Jack would have a big ole microphone/sound system and he'd go up and down the blocks of the city on Saturday's selling produce. What made Jack awesome was if you wanted a handful of cherries for $0.25 you could have them. You could have one apple or thirty apples. He gave you a price for whatever you wanted.

I MISS JACK and the fruit truck right now.

The produce section at most grocery stores has pre-packaged fruits now and even the bananas have a sign saying not to separate from the bunch.

I'm wondering if Green Dragon in Ephrata would be my best bet but I'm not so sure. My taste buds are changing and I don't want a massive amount of cherries when maybe I'd just like to have a small bowl.

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Inspirational Quotes said...

I like the idea of grocerers as well - called that in the UK- and market stalls for fruit and vegetables. The supermarkets just don't have the same feeling and experience.

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