Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My last OB appointment... and details for Monday!

I can't believe we are HERE! The end! Finally! We made it!

I can't even begin to describe what it is I am feeling. On one hand, I feel incredibly sad. I'm going to miss being pregnant. I've had an amazing pregnancy and I will miss having him safe inside me. Feeling his kicks. Knowing his little quirks. But then, I have to laugh at myself because finally... FINALLY... after nine months of carrying him in me ... after FIVE years of heartache and faith testing and loss and hurt... finally, my son will be here. In my arms.

It's quite overwhelming. It's starting to really hit me. Our son will be here MONDAY!

Tonight for supper we decided to treat ourselves to Chinese. My fortune cookie read as follows, "God will give you everything that you want." And truly, He has. I am incredibly blessed. We were on a long road/journey but we never gave up and finally... he will be here.

It's a lot to take in!

Today was my final OB appointment. My sweet boy had a heart rate of 144. And I teared up listening to that sound. That magically powerful sound. It's a good thing we're serving him an eviction notice because I'm not dilated at all. Not even a little bit.

I had a great chat with my OB who will be performing the surgery/birth/section on Monday and got a lot of questions answers. She is my favorite doctor in the practice so having her for the c-section is really quite wonderful. So here they are in no particular order...

  • Question: Can I take my thyroid meds the morning of the surgery?

  • Answer: Yes, but try to do it in no more than two swallows of water.

  • Question: Where will I be cut?

  • Answer: She's not sure yet because she wants to minimalize any chance of infection. It will probably be a pubic cut.

  • Question: Can hubs cut the cord?

  • Answer: Nope. It's a sterile environment (it's ok though because Mark wasn't really into that...)

  • Question: Where will Elliot be after he is born? What's the process there?

  • Answer: Elliot will be with Mark and I at all times. He will be taken from me and cleaned up and given a few shots as well as measured, tested, etc... Mark will get to hold him first and then Mark will bring Elliot to me where he will stay. Mark and Elliot stay in the operating room with me and the only reason for Elliot to be put elsewhere is if Mark's arms get tired holding him (which won't happen, LOL) After I am "cleaned up" and transferred to a recovery bed we will have two hours of uninterrupted family time where it will be specifically Elliot, me, and Mark only. No other family (including our moms) will be permitted to see any of us. This is hospital policy. This policy was set only two years ago, so it is new. Basically, we will both be flooded with emotion and we'll need time to just feel and experience and absorb and get used to our son and have us time. After that time period is up we will be transferred to our permanent room where then visitors who aren't sick will be permitted to visit. Anyone with a cough or sniffles are encouraged by staff to visit later or will be forced to wear a mask. During the recovery time they will also be giving me a flu shot and a pertussis vaccine. We will also do Elliot's first feeding and do our best to get a good latch. He will experience no other feeding or nipple other than mine.

  • Question: what kind of pain will I be in and what kind of medication will I be given? Answer: I'll be feeling sore but no real pain until about 12 hours after the c-section at which time I will be able to take tylenol or percoset.

  • Question: What about antibiotics before the c-section?

  • Answer: I'll go in at least 2 hours before surgery time to get the meds pumping in me.

  • Question: If Elliot decides to turn and get in the proper position, will the c-section still be a go?

  • Answer: completely up to me... if I'd like vaginal induction I can go for that route but because my pelvic pain is only becoming more and more intense, she doubts he will turn at all for me by Monday.

  • Question: Will I puke afterwards?

  • Answer: It's possible, but they will also give antinausea medication.

  • Question: When do I have my last RH negative shot?

  • Answer: only after Elliot is tested and only if he is positive

  • Question: What kind of medications/shots should I expect?

  • Answer: I'll be given the regular medications to numb me for the surgery, an anti-biotic as well as the pertussis vaccine and flu shot.

  • Question: Will I be swollen?

  • Answer: Yes, do not be alarmed when my body and face are swollen - it's natural. And don't even dare weigh myself until at least one week post partum as it is extremely common to have an actual weight gain even though you literally just got rid of 6-8lbs of human plus the blood loss, etc...

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