Sunday, May 22, 2011

Boy or Girl - Boy or Girl - Boy or Girl!?!?!

Now that we have the "anatomy appointment" scheduled for June 30th... I have so many people asking me what "I think" I'm having.

The fact of the matter is I truly do not care whether I have a boy or girl. I have a beautiful name picked out for a girl. I LOVE the name and I've had it picked out for YEARS.

My brother picked out a fabulous name for a boy. I had the first name but was torn on the middle name ... and then my brother told us what he liked and we were SOLD!

The names we have chosen are NOT popular or modern.... but they ARE purrrfection.

I dream that the baby is a boy. I don't know if that means anything. Some say there is an old wives tale out there that if you dream of a boy, you'll have a girl and if you dream of a girl, you'll have a boy. We want a healthy living baby. Neither one of us have a preference. We just want to know what to call our miracle as we talk to him/her every night. I've been editing the blog a bit today and I went back to past entries and I'm so stinking thrilled to be HERE in this MOMENT right NOW that I really could care less if we have a boy or a girl.... because the reality is.... we have a true miracle.

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