Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well that makes no sense...

Eventually, hubby and I are going to have to buckle down and register for the baby shower. I haven't a clue as to when I'll be having my shower, but I am excited for it because it's a long time in the making! Plus, the people in my life are just fabulous so anytime I get to celebrate and eat with them - I'm a happy gal!

I'm blessed with quite a few hand-me-downs from a dear friend which we're picking up later in the month. Then we have to form a list which I do have started.

Here is where I'm a bit confuzzled.

Last night we went out for our anniversary and then stopped off at Target. I am very interested in having a "gliding rocker" in the nursery. HOWEVER, being a bigger gal, I'd like to try them out considering I do have those child bearing hips. Furthermore, any other items we may register for - it would be nice to have a good looksie at them. Both the chair and other items were high on this platform of sorts.... no access. Why would that be???

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Nadine said...

You can try them out at Babies r Us! They have a lot of different ones, and I remember shopping with my friend, her pregnant, getting tired and just sitting there and rocking for about 10 minutes. Very comfy.

Target probably puts them up high because people just can't be trusted in that store. Same reason they bolt down the furniture in the lower displays.

Or it could just be to maximize floor (selling) space.

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