Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Peg Perego Travel System

Our good friends Chaundra and John HOOKED US UP with baby stuff this past weekend. We just got done figuring out the Peg Perego Travel System. This thing is so stinking cool!!!

Thank God my husband played with Transformers as a kid because he's teaching me the art of assembly. I don't do well with manuals. HA!

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Pam said...

So excited for you and baby stuff! I just want to say my little safety thing...it's not recommended to use hand-me down car seats. But as long as you know who had it and can guarentee that it wasn't in an accident of any kind or damaged in any way, you should be fine. Owen is using Kate's old car seat, but we bought a brand new one for Kate because there were several new safety guidelines between the two kids.

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