Friday, May 20, 2011

OB appointment update

Yesterday I had my OB appointment and it went well! Baby's heartbeat was whooshing like crazy with a rate of 148. :) I will never TIRE of hearing that sound! It's heavenly.

I had a long list of questions for the doctor. Some serious about my thyroid and some silly... such as why do people feel the need to lecture me about lunch meat. Lunch meat is fine during pregnancy but if you're having ham or roast beef, it should be heated. So there is that answer! And eggs.... go for it! They're a good source of protein but if I'm having them sunny side up I need to request a brown edge. Problem solved.

He thinks my headaches (2-3 a week the past week or two) are nothing more than hormones regulating and adjusting.

He was THRILLED to hear that I'm feeling movement.... and I'm THRILLED to feel it!

I'm now measuring "properly" meaning my body has evened out from being on all that extra progesterone so he has moved my due date to 11-16-11 for now. It will probably change a few more times. This shall make my letter to my employer about maternity leave interesting. I don't even know how to word it. "I'm having a baby sometime in November and I'll need a sub from the day before I start pushing until 10 weeks after...." Must find the etiquette on that one!

Weight woes... I'm still losing weight. Doctor isn't exactly thrilled with this because at my last appointment I weighed in practically naked in the fancy paper robe. Yesterday, I weighed in full clothed and I was up only one pound since my last appointment four weeks ago. In other words... I'm not gaining weight. He wants me to gain 1lb per week from here on out. That's 4lbs a month. He'd be happy with two pounds.

The thing is I AM eating. It's not like I'm starving the baby. During the first trimester eating was definitely a chore. I think it's kind of ironic that my entire life with PCOS I've been trying to lose weight and manage my weight as PCOS is evil ... and now here I am four months pregnant and on my way to my high school weight yet I eat ALL THE TIME.

so now hubs is on a mission to help me out in the weight dept. Baby is healthy and that's all that matters to me.

My next appointment is the 16th. And then....

We find out if Baby G is a boy or girl at 7:45am on June 30th!

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