Saturday, May 14, 2011

We have MOVEMENT!!!

Today is our six year wedding anniversary!

It's also Millie's (cat) 8th birthday.

I can't get over the fact that FIVE years ago today, we started trying for a baby. We had no idea how much pain and heartache was coming our way as we ventured together on an adventure of questions and research to figure out what was and wasn't working properly. It was in these past five years that we finally figured out I had PCOS. And it took us a long time to meet Dr. P this past summer who steered us in the right direction.

Six years ago I married my bestest friend. And here we are now... 180 days away from meeting the baby our love has created.

Today, Mark worked. When he came home from work we layed down together and then all of a sudden.... I felt it! I felt movement!

I thought surely I was imagining things.... it's "too soon" to be feeling anything, right??? NOPE! According to our baby Bible - you feel the baby move anywhere from week 13-20(something) and some women never even notice it because it can be so slight.

Not me! I felt it! It was a fluttering tickle like bubbles. It lasted about 3 minutes and it made me cry tears of joy. I felt our sweet baby moving. Keep moving sweet baby, keep moving. We love you.

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