Monday, May 30, 2011

Make room for baby!

Yesterday, hubby was macho man and moved furniture around to make room for the baby. Yes, we still have 23 weeks left but I also know I need to register soon (which is another post entirely). Today we are having a BBQ with friends and we'll be coming home with several awesome hand-me-downs for baby. The middle room is now EMPTY with the exception of the crib. Our back bedroom is now completely re-done. It's the smallest room (long and narrow). The big full dresser will be used for baby as well and it's right across from the bathroom which we feel is perfection for a quick change after tubby time.
The crib is set up now and it's exciting to walk by. Now all we need to do is pick up the mattress and register for bedding... and you know, have the baby, LOL

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