Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GD update

I called the OB's office today and asked them to call me back about the possibility of NOT doing the one hour test and going straight for the 3 hour test.

The nurse called back and we had a really good conversation.

I explained to her that I have noticed an increase in urination lately and I just want to make sure Elliot is safe considering I've waited so long to be HERE. I know I've been drinking more bc of the heat wave but I also know that in the past with my PCOS I was never considered insulin resistant because I always did fine on the one hour test.

It wasn't until I met Dr. P and did the three hour test where we discovered that there WERE issues. He put me on the glumetza and sure enough after only five months on it, I wound up pregnant.

I also explained that Dr. Easter (doc in the practice) said he suspects I will have it because I have the risk factors... I'm overweight, I have a strong family history of it and I have PCOS not to mention I was on glumetza during the first trimester and he is willing to treat GD with glumetza if the test deem it necessary.

She noted that my numbers were GREAT for the one hour tests I had in the first trimester and I said, "Yes, BUT I was on glumetza then..." so we decided then to do the three hour test as soon as we can.

She is mailing out the labs today or tomorrow and I'll do the three hour test. I'll also be tested again between August 10th and September 11th with the rest of my third trimester labs.

This really gives me peace of mind. I know I probably come off sounding paranoid and such but this child is FIVE years in the making. I want to do what I can to prevent any problems, to control what can be controlled bc God knows once the baby comes he's calling all the shots, LOL. And I know some women with PCOS do not have GD but I also wonder how many really did have it and never knew. It's too dangerous to mess around with and I'm eager to get the results.

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