Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PCOS and Gestational Diabetes

Today I had an OB appointment and it went VERY well! I can't believe I'm staring at the 3rd trimester (and all the paperwork that comes with it)!

I still have technically gained ZERO pounds during the pregnancy (and I'm at 6 months!) because I am yet to meet let alone surpass my weight I was when I discovered I was pregnant.

There was a lot of interesting discussion today about "If you want a dead baby..."

Apparently there is a surge/rise in women REFUSING to have the one hour glucose test (or even the three hour test) for gestational diabetes and a blunt approach to the consequences of that action is being taken.

I couldn't imagine refusing this test. Sure, it's yucky tasting and time consuming but really.... you'd risk the life of your child?

I'm wondering if the refusal is faith based or not. No clue. I could see if you have no genetic predisposition to diabetes but still... this is a life, a baby...

So clearly I'm not refusing the test because well... let's face it -- I'm probably going to have it!

My mom and dad are both type 2 diabetic. I have PCOS. I have a wide variety of relatives on both sides of the family who are type 2 as well. My sugars are always low and hypoglycemia is not good for baby either.

My OB said not to freak out, that he could treat me with glumetza. Typically they treat it with diet and exercise but because I already have a low GI diet and I already exercise we could go right to the glumetza. The one hour test isn't for a few more weeks but I'm not terrified of it.

Ideally, yes - I'd like to NOT have it. But I'm also not going to be dramatic if I test positive. I have continually been doing what is best for me and my son. I would never even dream of refusing the test.

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