Sunday, July 17, 2011


What a crazy weekend!

On Friday I was in my first ever car accident on my way to my OB appointment. NOT my fault. I was rear ended by a 72 year old woman not once but TWICE. She hit me once and then again (and no one hit her) while I was stopped at a red light. On the second hit my seat lunged forward and belly went slammed into the steering wheel. Yes, I was wearing a seat belt.

I'm not going to get into further details about the accident as there is an investigation in progress to prove its not my fault.

Mark made it to me in record time and got me to labor and delivery immediately. I must say I am so impressed with this hospital. The nurses and staff were AMAZING. Absolutely wonderful. I was in for a little over 24 hours to keep a constant monitor on myself and the baby.

Thank God, he and I are both ok. It was close folks. If she hit harder, God only knows where we'd be. We had a great ultrasound and we saw his beautiful face! He has daddy's chin, possibly mommy's nose and the cutest pudgiest cheeks. He's weighing 1.5lbs and measuring right on target.

Then today we decided to veg at home for a bit before visiting our cousins who moved to our town. Mark's dad calls to tell him they've been in an accident.

A deer was crossing the road and a car hit the deer sending the deer into my inlaws van shattering their window and deer guts and blood and glass went all over my inlaws (especially my MIL) - thank God they are both ok. Especially my MIL who took the brunt of the hit.

God was definitely with our family this weekend and we are thankful that even though the situations weren't our favorite - everyone is safe and sound.

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