Monday, March 28, 2011

Got scared - but stayed BLESSED

Before I get into the post - please know I am fine and baby is FINE with a heartbeat of 128bps but I need to share this because I knew nothing about placental tears. We are so happy that there IS a heartbeat!!! Furthermore... if you are grossed out easily DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!! Last night was TERRIFYING. I went to the bathroom and had blood much like a period. When I wiped, it would go from red to pink but then when I went to the bathroom again, it was RED and had small clots. Hubby and I went to the hospital ASAP where they ran a wide variety of blood tests, took a urine sample and then rushed me for ultrasounds. We had a "regular" ultrasound but it was too soon in the pregnancy (7 weeks) to get a good view of anything so we then went for a transvaginal which did show that my uterus was fine and the baby had a heartbeat which was incredibly refreshing. We had a lot of waiting to do but seeing that heartbeat really did bring us some peace and the bleeding was slowing down significantly from red to pink and then to reddish brown/brown. I then had a pap to take a look at my cervex. Apparently, I was suffering from a placental tear which is supposedly VERY common especially in the first trimester and especially during weeks 4, 7, 8 and 11. The tear is very slight and there are several ways you can get a tear but the two main ways are lifting/bending too much. The tear does not look severe but it was enough to freak me out. I did the right thing by going to the hospital. The treatment for my case is simple bed rest for the day. Just relax, nap, eat well and pay attention to the toilet paper as I wipe. If I have cramping or bright red bleeding I have to go back in. Luckily, I started "wiping clean" last night around 11:30 and have had no other issues. I was told that when mommy sleeps baby grows, so I'm going to try to nap again today. It was just VERY scary and this was something I've never even heard of. I was certain we were going to lose the baby. But we are fine and baby is fine and I'm just feeling very blessed and a little less on edge. I'm very pleased with the nursing staff at Good Samaritan Hospital and just so grateful for my ultrasound tech Lisa who was very honest with me and for my nurse Lori who checked on me frequently and dealt with my shaking and tears. I'm incredibly blessed to also have the amazing husband that I have. He didn't leave my side for one second. He stayed with me for every test and procedure and didn't lose his cool. He dealt with my shaking and crying and all the other non-romantic stuff. We are most definitely blessed. I sure as heck didn't expect to see a heartbeat last night, we still have that appointment on Thursday with Dr. P but because of this tear I doubt that Dr. P will be releasing me from infertility care.


SbMac said...

Oh hun I am glad that Hubby got you through it and stayed strong for you. I am glad that you figured out what it was and will be able to get through it. Love ya babe. P.S I will be back down May 7th for another conf. with BriGuy. Maybe we can meet up!!

Faithful Leigh said...

YES! Lets get together!!! :)

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